Printing in duplex to a Dell 1815DN from a Mac (OS X)

The Dell 1815DN is a kinda attractive multi-function laser printer. It's not cheap, but it's not hugely expensive either. At least it's a proper laser printer, not one of those crappy inkjet multifunction printers (MFP).

Annoyingly, there seems to be no way to tell the printer to always duplex print every document sent to it. Aargh! I mean, the whole point of a duplex printer is printing duplex. It's not just about "saving" paper. Documents are easier to read when they're duplex. They fit in the hand better, all things being equal. If you want to lie on the sofa reading a document, duplex is how you want it.

So, that means you've got to manually tell every single computer that might print to the 1815DN to print in duplex by default. What a pain. But we can do that, it's not so hard. Except we can't...

If you use a Mac (running OS X, natch), the 1815DN appears magically in the list of bonjour printers, as it should, but the duplex options Are grayed out in the print dialog. F**k!

But there is a solution. First, print something to the 1815DN, as you do. Just to make sure that you can. Then go look in /etc/cups/ppd. You'll hopefully find a file there with a name something like Dell_1815dn__DEL001122334455_.ppd. Put this at the end of it:

  *%=== Duplex ================================
  *OpenUI *Duplex: PickOne
  *OrderDependency: 25 AnySetup *Duplex
  *DefaultDuplex: DuplexNoTumble
  *Duplex DuplexTumble: "<>setpagedevice"
  *Duplex DuplexNoTumble: "<>setpagedevice"
  *Duplex None: "<>setpagedevice"
  *CloseUI: *Duplex

I stole this out of the .ppd file for another printer I routinely print duplex to. It seems to work. It's written in, like, the CUPS PPD language.

Finally, this page is almost definitely riddled with mistakes. I only wrote it. I didn't read it. Tell me if you notice anything odd.