Setting putty's window title from within Emacs

If you follow the instructions here for configuring Emacs to set your window title, it won't work for putty unless you configure putty to allow the remote machine to query the current window title. Note that when I say "putty", I really mean "putty on windows" (in case this isn't obvious).

You configure this here...

Picture showing how to configure putty

And, yes, I'm ignoring the security warning - although I really shouldn't! I find it really interesting that if somebody can get me to look at a malicious file, provided both the "enable setting" and "enable querying" of window titles are enabled, they can get me to effectively type arbitrary stuff. I guess I'll just be really careful what files I look at in sessions with this set. Cool.

(This is all about the the really, really neat Emacs Lisp code written by Noah Friedman. You'll need to get his xterm-frobs.el and xterm-title.el files.)