What I want from a printer

I don't care about colour, so I want a mono laser printer.

I simply won't tolerate a printer without duplex.

The paper tray (all one of them!) has to hold a whole ream of paper.

Toner cartridges need to be cheap, high capacity, and readily available. Preferably from cartridge refillers.

The interface has to be non-existent and/or not suck.

It needs to be networked. Obviously. Wifi would be nice too.

Postscript would be nice, but I can live without it. Mac support and bonjour/zeroconfig are necessary.

I'd like to not have to go scrabbling for the driver CD whenever a visitor wants to print to it. So drivers should be readily available online: a straight link off the first google hit for "manufacturer model driver". I don't want to navigate through a dozen pages and dropdowns.

The driver shouldn't install a shedload of crap on my computer. I just want the driver. And I don't want it to offer to install acrobat. Not even version 5.

Cheap would be nice. Reliability is also vital, but that's something you only find out about after a couple of years. I'd like it to Just Work.

What I have right now

Currently, at home I have a Brother HL-5250DN. I really quite like it. I have it plugged into a linksys wrt54gl acting as a kind of reverse wifi hub, so it's effectively a wifi printer. It has duplex built in, it has no interface to speak of (which is great!). It Just Works. I keep the driver CD handy. But downloading and installing it isn't too painful. Plus, the printer was fairly cheap, and toner cartridges are fairly widely available, and reasonably cheap. The only drawback? When a mac tries to print to it, that doesn't wake it up. Only windows wakes it up. How odd. In work, I have a Dell 1815DN. As a printer it isn't completely crap, but let's just say that I wouldn't buy another printer from Dell. Ever. Again. I've written a review of the Dell 1815DN.